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Banned 2x for no reason and battleye said it was a mistake and can't unban me.
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Ok I got banned once about 2 weeks ago emailed battleye and they said they banned me for no reason. And now today got banned for no reason. AGAIN THEY SAY I HAVE TO REBUY THE GAME. WHY. JUST WHY. I DON'T HACK I DON'T DO ANYTHING WRONG. BATTLEYE SAYS ITS A "SYSTEM ERROR" here's a screenshot {F31147}


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What you are showing us is the autoreply.

Maybe you hacked a long time ago and only now it caught up to you.
Maybe all you did was dupe stuff.
Maybe you still have hacks on your PC.
Maybe all those trojans you got were from fake hacks you may or may not have downloaded.

@Franzuu, you may want to read the e-mail behind the <i></i> link e375 posted in his description (same screenshot as attached to this ticket). BattlEye replies there by saying:

<i>Dear user,


You have been banned due to the fact our system had an error with your account, sorry, but you will have to buy a new copy of the game on a new steam account if you wish to play it again.</i>

Ahhh, ok. Sorry.

That is strange and will need to be clarified with battleye. What do they mean by error with your account and why can't they unban if it was an error?

These are two very good questions which I'd like to have answered just as well as hopefully BI and the DayZ dev team, because that - as it is - is a total dick move.

Maybe someone wrote 50% of an e-mail, got up to get coffee, came back and forgot what they were doing and finished with the usual "get rekt" outro of a regular ban appeal.

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@Franzuu I hate hacking I don't dupe my computer is super clean cause I only downloaded steam + games and Google chrome. I just got it. And no I don't even try to cheat or dupe or anything. I really just hope this problem gets fixed cause this is is the 2nd time which was yesterday. So I'm not paying other $35 since I already just wasted $60 down the toliet. Like with that money I would of bought arma 3 -.- I hope this issue gets fixed.

You might have to wait until monday until someone starts dealing with this.

Ok good. I can't wait to play DAYZ again. Only played the 0.54 for a few hours. Want to find a mp5 scope :) also Dont only want to get unbanned I want DAYZ devs and BE to fix this. If this happened to me 2 times in less then 1 month, it might be happening to many many users that don't know how to report it to forums.

May I suggest using a GOOD anti-virus program (I use ESET NOD32) and regular scans for malware (I use malwarebytes, It won't help with the ban but will save you $130 getting rid of the malware that you had on your system in the first place.

I would also contact Battle Eye and ask for a DETAILED reason for the ban, not just it was an error. If it is an error on their side and they cannot repair it I would say they are liable for the cost of a replacement game. If its an error on your side or someone else's then you need more information to correct it.

"IF" its because you was cheating (And I am not saying you were or you weren't) Then let this be a lesson to you.

My system is super clean. I know that cause after I took it to the shop they removed every single virus and malware and now I have computer protection. And I'm very careful on what I download. I'm not sure what your trying to tell me. And now will this help in cases like this? XD so off topic

Dude. I hate cheaters and don't cheat. AND THIS IS THE 2nd TIME I've been banned. And contacting BE will not do carp like the 1st time I got banned that's what they wrote. BE will not help my problem and they should be buying me a new game AND refunding $35 since I have 2 copies due to fact this is my 2nd ban so they own me $60 + armA 2 and all DLC. If you get banned on a game with battleye your own steam account is infected. So this is super bs. All I want is my DAYZ back.

I was trying to be helpful, a lot of people (Not just you) do not protect their system properly from viruses and malware, Even the ones that do can still get them but some basic precautions can reduce the risk, It MAY even have been this malware that has resulted in your ban in which case I believe that there will not be a lot that you can do as you are responsible for your system whether it was your fault or not.

As for the e-mail you received, It sounds very Generic, It does not contain any information as to WHY you was banned other than an ERROR, This could mean that their system made an error but could quite as easily mean their system actually detected banned files on your system. I am not making any accusations one way or another as there is not enough information available to make this decision.

Therefore there is one of two options.

  1. IF (And I am saying IF) you are a hacker then deal with the punishment and learn a valuable lesson.

2). If this is a genuine error, Then you need to find out more information to why it happened and steps to prevent it in the future. An ERROR could be anything you may have had malware that has stolen your CD Key and has been used by someone else, It may have changed your game files in some way resulting in a ban for modified files the simple answer is we don't know and you need to get mor information from Battle Eye to find out.

If this has happened twice then I suspect that there is something on your system that is causing a ban (Whether you put it there or not) rather than a problem at Battle Eyes end (But like I said not enough information). If it was me I would back up all the files that I want (Which I do anyway), Do a full system format and re-install windows etc. I know this is drastic but it is the only TRUE way to make sure your system is free from problems.

Read this link for some of the things that Malware can do Read the section "WARNING: Massive cd-key theft going on" and the part after it (Not the same ban code as yours though and I do not believe DayZ uses CD keys)

I have tried to find out what Global Ban #85f76a refers to but have been unable to find anything, This is what you need to ask Battle Eye as it is the reason for your ban.

Thank you very much. Also my 1st te getting banned I'm guessing It was stolen or virus didn't something so right after I got banned I reinstalled windows and was super safe of download items. And 2nd ban number was like #113 something something I'll post it when I on my computer. Ban #85f76a was my 1st time getting banned for I though it was from a virus and BE Said it was an error From there system so i just reinstalled windows and every single game and reinstalled BE on my computer thinking it would help. now I know this is for sure BE's problem. And I want a my DAYZ back

My ban ID was #133cf4

Hello e375,

I'll close this ticket since Bastian did not acknowledge the authenticity of the email. Please contact BE in order to resolve this issue since we do not take part in the process of administering Global bans.