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Lag, FPS drop, graphic glitches, and buildings/door animations not rendering inside in stable branch
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I've gone into servers for the past few days and every one of them so far has been laggy and slow to respond to mouse/kb input, with a very low fps. One specifically, which had just enough speed to play on was not rendering the inside of buildings or door animations. When I figured out that I could technically open the door and enter the building, it showed the area vacant, except for a few small graphic areas and some rooftop art like chimneys. The loot was still in place, but things like: floors, stairways, inner and outer walls and all furniture were completely invisible (I could see all around the building.) The only building which had a working door animation that I found was the Blue doored corrugated steel barn with the stairs, catwalk and storage room still invisible. Also, all of the buildings had been rendered in very low quality (long distance) textures with no see through windows. Finally, The green child briefcase had graphical glitches when worn. Whatever happened in the last update, everything is horribly messed up. This is stable branch.


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Join any server.

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intel i7-3770 @3.4Ghz
32 GB ram
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
Windows 8.1
256GB SSD with 2TB HDD storage backup

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For anyone reading this,I found another thread here that said to remove the launch parameters, which fixed this issue completely.