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Oddly Textured Corpses [ Unable to Loot ]
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Let me preface this by saying - This game gives you a lot of satisfaction by overcoming either difficult challenges or sometimes unpredictable situations.

I killed a guy in Pavlovo Military Base with a mosin with two shots in it, while he had the advantage on me - he had an AK74.

I shoot him, and kill him on the 2nd shot [ Lucky, I'd say ] but then the game says - " How about no?. Try looting him now. "

I don' think I will play this game for a long period. There's the bug in which it keeps crashes, the fights present me with challenges that give me nothing in return but bugs [ either of sliding bodies that i can't loot, or broken textured bodies that I can't loot, or others that I don't have the slight to remember ].

The pictures will show what I mean.

The body slides, it becomes oddly textured, like it merging with the environment or something and then nothing. I can't loot it. I've tried everything.

So why should I bother even surviving in this game if all I do is kill people without getting any reward from it ?

I swear I'd be masochistic If I keep doing this. At least until these bugs are fixed, which I don't think will be for a long while :/.

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I'd really like to know if someone got around this bug or when it could be fixed. In the near future.