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New fireplaces in 0.54 can be used as 15 slot storage containers in inventory
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Since fireplaces are now crafted immediately instead of the intermediate "Fireplace Kit", they can fit in a 2x2 inventory slot. They can be put on the ground, filled up with 5x3 of gear, and then picked back up into inventory.


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  1. Create a fireplace with 1 stick and 1 rag (probably works with all)
  2. Put fireplace on ground
  3. Fill fireplace with gear
  4. Pick up fireplace and carry it around
  5. Put it back on the ground and all of the items are still in it.
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I'm just going to check "Private" on this bug so it doesn't get abused, but I'm guessing others will find this one pretty quick, if they haven't already.

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I've been reading some articles and dev blogs and I see there's some work on 1.) dynamic object placement and 2.) moving away from the transitory recipes (like fireplace kits) to get to the end state (of a fireplace).

If that's true, I suspect this is probably something that is already on the devs' radar and will not need to be "fixed" because it will just be changed when the next new evolution occurs and the problem will no longer exist..

Ahhh, and they nest. I believe the kids would call this recursion fireplace-ception. I can get two full fireplaces into a third, and then just pick that one up for a 2x2 inventory cost.

I hope you enable inventory weights and my legs break immediately from the weight.

This appears to have been resolved with today's 0.55 update.

Fireplaces now hold 6x2 of inventory, but consume 3x3 when carried. So they can no longer be nested.

Unfortunately, the fireplaces just spawned on the ground around me upon the login instead of causing me to explode from within. But I'll take it.

You can probably close this one