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Speedhacking and Cheating STILL possible in 0.54
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Speedhacking is STILL possible in 0.54.

I have seen one on a private hive but I do not know his name.


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*zip* false info

Probably just desync or lag

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No one says it's "not possible". But they will most probably get banned very soon :)

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Unbelievable. Why this stupid hacks are more intelligent than bohemia?

Bohemia... PLEASE fix the loot-renderer!
If the loot isn't rendered 10.000 kilometers before you can see it (like now), this hacks doesn't work anymore!

the network bubble is 1000m, you get nothing past that

1000 meters? but this si incredible much.
All the map is 12 kilometrs long and wide. So 1 km render distance for the loot (server side) is too much.

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Mawczi: Your video is very old. Definitely not February 2015. You can see the red chain symbol, which was removed from the game like 8 month ago.

Paper26: This is not a place for your whining. Yes, some hacking is still possible. Developers know about it. Don't start new tickets, if you don't have anything specific or useful.

Hackers are definitely within .54

I saw one live. He wanted to try speeding and broke his legs while doing. (hehe)
And he can see the names, zombies and some specific stuff around him. I posted a -private comment here- with link he gave me after contacting him private. you would probably find this with google as well.

I know the guy, hes not the bad guy but as we got killed like all the time in october i stopped playing dayz and he "as well bought it then".

The big thing is seeing if others are around. For me this totally breaks the game. Other stuff like seeing Helicopters and so on are not implemented yet, he told me days ago but comming again for this versions.

For me playing dayz is asking him day by day if he got banned - waiting for playing again seriously :D. I am not into the thought that only he gets banned, we both would love to see all the 'malwaredriver-infected' out of the game. So we could play normal again. Yeah.
This has been going on for 4 months now. I was quite happy when he told me nothing is working anymore since the last patch, but they kind of recovered. No wonder, because the customer pays like 10 to 20 bucks for a limited license with no guarantee of working long. This is kind of the cost of the whole account in dayz. Who wants, who gets. But it roobs dayz from me - sadly.

The thing is, if you sneak around just trying to loot, find, test and all of the sudden someone pops out in front of you and shoots you, this is not fun. So well: Maybe this happenes in a 1:2 ratio. You win, others win. But formerly this happened like 1:10 (others dead:me dead) and I by myself first thought I have been stupid or my brain is working nuts.

Well then, we can restart playin :) I just got this screen from "someone"

Love you guys!