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Renderer crashes to low poly models a few seconds later the game crashes
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started playing DayZ - after 30 seconds the renderer crashes and I can only see low models. Than the game fps drop very low and after a few seconds the game crashes.

I played on public hive - 3rd Person

here is a 2 min video which shows my issue:



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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

I reproduced it many times:

I go online (character is saved on prison island)
I walk 50 meters
the Renderer crashes to low models
after a few seconds the game crashes

Additional Information

my rig:
AMD Phenom X2 1090T BE
8 GB Ram
GTX 560 ti
Win 8.1

I already reinstalled the game twice and let steam verify game cache without any success.

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Are you using some launcher parameters (-noSplash, -noIntro, cpuCount)?

I had a similar issue. Removing all launch parameters solved it.

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thank you, that solved my problem ;)

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Good to hear your game is now working properly. :)