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[ SUGGESTION ] Tape Recorder / Camera
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This is tricky, however, let me point it out this way.

I think DayZ is a great roleplaying platform - probably one of the best out there that let players go wild and enact their own adventures in a non-scripted environment.

It's not your cookie-cutter, casual, mundane kind of experience.

So a tape recorder or a video camera would tie in to many awesome gameplay situations and possibilities and even increase the storytelling capabilities within the game, so much so that stories are scripted by the players themselves into the game.

The Tape Recorder would function as normal, finding tapes around the world, while the tape recorder would be found a bit harder, and the player could record anything onto it and leave it where he so desires.

There could also maybe be the option to wipe a tape or simply override it with your own stuff.

However, the Camera would be a more ideal thing since DayZ not only has platforms on Twitch and Youtube with ever so growing communities and content that it would make the game feed its video content directly to a streaming device, making the videos on the camera actually streamable through the game and watchable on the camera itself.

The possibilities are endless - these are just my raw, almost unfiltered ideas and opinions about how these could work.

But I think they could be paramount in helping the game function as a greater storytelling platform, one in which you are the creator of stories.


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