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[SUGGESTION] There should be more drink option.
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As of present there are Drink and Drink All which I find it quite frustrating to select Drink multiple times to get to bright green hydration level. While Drink All might do the job in one go but sometime it only need about half a PET bottle.

To summarize. There should be more drink option like. Drink half of the container or something along the line.

Thank you


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I feel like the menu would get a bit long if it has that many specific commands. Maybe "drink all" and then being able to cancel when you've had enough?

Paper26 added a subscriber: Paper26.May 8 2016, 9:35 PM

"Maybe "drink all" and then being able to cancel when you've had enough? "

Impossible with a Arma-Engine.

The game could be way better with a completely new engine and not a rewritten-old one.

@Paper26 they are planning to re-write old mechanisms, like the scroll down MMB, then click Enter to activate something -system.

So why wouldn't they make that the player's hunger/hydration levels gtet updated per second every time you eat/drink.