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Implementation of realistic nutrition value in future
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We all know we must consume various nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate etc for the body to function properly. Current system of energy/water allows players to survive by cooked meat alone, or a bag of veges.

Game-wise, it makes a player easier to survive in short term. But for those who tries out long term survival in hardcore servers such as one like myself, I believe we need some expansion on the survival aspect of the food mechanics.

Abundance of nutrients makes a character more fit, aka. harder to run out of breath, travel faster and further with more stamina.

Lack of certain nutrients causes diseases, status debuff, even death.
example: no protein = muscle can't regenerate after movement = lower stamina

I do not ask for it right now, but when the proper diseases, player customization and stamina mechanics are implemented, what we eat should decide what we are. Because that is what survival is.


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I agree.
PS IRL people of different blood types better digest different food types. But that will break the idea of similar start for all.

I made a similar request:

I totally agree with you. The PVE aspect of the game would benefit from it. Plus I think, it isn't that hard to implement.