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dayz Character
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in my private and public server
the Character sometimes just seems to be controlled by others
he start to turns around and wish to walk away while we dont do anything i was in the beginning saying its was a hacker or a cheater but that is not the issue at all i have now seens this happening also on a empty server with only one person in the server this means the fact its a server or a bug issue in dayz


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if your latency is bad, it happens. It happens for me when I'm uploading something.

Hello Rexie,

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Would it be possible for you to attach a video the shows the bug please (perhaps a video of the screen and keyboard at the same time)?


This has happened to me as well, it seems to be in the controls. Ill try to shadow play this. What happens is when you are alt tabbing type issue, it doesn't release itself. Eventually it will start to come around. Ive had it more in .53 then normal, but I think it has something to do with alt tabbing.