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Reporting a scripter with proof
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He was invisible but footsteps could be heard. His footstep sounds indicates that he went around my back, and shot me. Not to mention found me as soon as I logged in.

-Walk through walls(definitely)

Please investigate using the server logs. I will upload the youtube video of how it happened. I know the number of hackers have been reduced dramatically after the initial implementation of the Battleye and I appreciate it much. But still it is quite disheartening for me to play to see it happen.

My ingame name was Eve, steam profile
launch options: -noBenchmark -noLogs -nosplash -noPause -world=empty -maxMem=16384 -enableHT

Time was around 5:40PM in Sydney
lastMPServerName="RoT - Reign of Terror Persistence off |";

Video :


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If it is inappropriate to report a scripter here, please advise me where to do so. This was the only place I know to get a dev support.

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Hi lagrange,

Thanks for sending in the detailed information on this player.

As always, we'll have a look at all the info and see what we can dig up on the player/incident.