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[ Suggestion ] Scuba Diving / Diving Suits / Algae Ghillie
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Basically the mechanic to find things underwater - to swim, to dive, to have the abiltiy to catch fish with a net or find certain items at the bottom floor with a scuba diving suit or just remain underwater.

For now I can't imagine how you could get any easy at the Prison Island with all the traffic there. Especially since people are camping it and everyone gets shot that tries to get near it so I think adding some underwater mechanic and suit.

Maybe the Frogmen Navy Seal one [ Russian Spetsnaz ] or anything similar would help.

Items : - Diving Suit

  • Oxygen Tank
  • Net [ made from netting & misc ]
  • Hook
  • Frogmen Navy Seal Suit found either near military ships that have wrecked or maybe underwater submarines or warehouses with submarines that are in construction [ maybe bunker somewhere on the map ]
  • Diving Suit with different colors
  • Goggles
  • Algae
  • Algae Ghillie

In-game mechanics - [ Catch fish with rod or hook or net ]

  • [ Hold breath ] without tank
  • [ Item rummaging near wreckages ]
  • [ Diving ]


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In future - maybe. Good zeds first)
Voted for both.