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Uncontrollable and irremovable weapon shaking when aimed down sights.
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After playing a character for any period of time, you will eventually be faced with irremovable shaking when looking down the sights of your weapon. It's almost like severe Parkinson's. It seems to come on randomly, either from getting a cold status bar, or being punched by either a zombie or a person. It's not the same as a fracture and applying a splint has no effect on the condition. The only way to get rid of the ailment is respawn.


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Reproduction isn't always spot on, it seems to come on completely randomly. I've had it on all of my characters that have lived for a long time.

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Confirmed. Looks like our survivors tired of all that stuff, huh? ;)

Caused when joining/leaving servers, or most commonly when shot by another played and splinted

Or punched by zambis or players.

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Sit by a fire for 10-20 minutes. Has fixed it for myself and friends multiple times.

@Hareuhal We've tried that, it hasn't worked. It's not the shakes you get when you're cold.

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@Klaus - sometimes it takes a few tries. This was happening a while back when people were having this happen (me included) without getting the "cold" indicator.

It didn't always work first try, but it has always eventually resolved the issue. Sometimes it just took longer.

I'd say until a dev responds, that might be your best option to try, unless someone else has other advice.

It's linked to the temperature mechanic inconsistently. In other words, you can not be "cold" but still shaking or vice versa.

The fix is to get your character's temperature up. Start up a fireplace and sit next to it for a few moment. The warmer your clothes are the less time it'll take. In a ghillie I went from shaking to being hot in about 15s.

My damp clothing took about 35 minutes once. It went quicker once I removed the clothing.

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