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Item duplication
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I accidentally duplicated a box of .357. Basically, this is how i can put the pieces toghether.

I had a morphine stick in my intentory. Couple of days ago i've used the injector and, if i do recall correctly, i've had the "cancel current action" bug or something like that - though my leg was healed and the injector disappeared.

Upon next login i noticed that the injector was in my backpack again. I just left it there.

Today, this happened:

  • found 2 .357 boxes
  • placed 1 in pants inventory
  • placed 1 in backpack
  • i had a sewing kit in the backpack, so i swapped it for the pants .357. Result: 1 .357 box in pants + 1 new box in backpack, total 3 boxes.

I think that, for some reason, that sewing kit was in the inventory slot where the buggy injector was when i used it, as i said, days ago.


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