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Admin logs under-reporting and poor
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The admin logs on the servers only report about 30% of kills, and it would be useful with more information.

As of now the admin logs on our 5 servers only report about 30% of the kills, we've been keeping an eye on the logs after we noticed this, and it is a fact.

I also got reply from GSP that it might not report if a player is unconcious and respawns before death, but that should be listed in the logs some way aswell. Also it does not report damage between players, so the logs are a bit thin.

Considering the huge problem with hackers/scripters earlier, we should have the following information in the logs:
Death (killed and killed by)
Damage (damage and damaged by)
Weapon and distance.

In this way you are providing us with some data that are actually usable and we can in fact be active server admins and help prevent hacking/scripting.


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Kill some players and check the log

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We see this on several of our servers, even across GSP's

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i think it's a pitty that only private server have received such logs.
It would be so usefull even on public server where most player usually play, and I guess where most cheater are... we don't have any power on the server...

Hello Laonda,

Since this is the first update where the admin logs have been made available, the devs will be looking into the data gathered in order to tweak the logs functions. I have notified them of your feedback, so we'll see how the logs will change in the future. Like with other parts of the game, the way the logs function now will not be the final state.