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DayZ report bug's!
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The owners of this game are simply kidding with us ... game that came out in 2013 still full of bugs, leaves behind patches of patches and not fix anything at all! They say that fix security this and that but nothing correct. The price increase know ... I will mention some of the bugs that make you stop playing and get your items
1 / zombies are hackers ... they pass into wall and shoot u without aim-to-you ...
2 / drinking water and forever ... you go to source and do not drink it all at once ... LOL !!!
3 / a switch weapons takes forever, in 1on1 forget, you-re dead !!!
4 / rendering and fps drops anywhere u go ... your fps simply suck ... if u think upgrade your machine to have 100 efficacy of game .... forgive because it-s not important here LOL fps are the bullshit with the good hardware pc or not ...
5 / we will have the alpha version for 6 years ... for more beta 6 years ... and u play the ultimate version when_ omfg ...
6 / server browser give u servers down why__ with 0 players ... if server restart dissapear of search ... when it get up ... Appear in my opinion ... you have to wait 60seconds more 5 or 10 seconds to join and nothing ...
7 / U can shoot and kill enemies into walls, nice in
8 / if server reconnect with you in a house When u connect again you will be under the ground
9 / im fan of games survive ... and have 300+ hours of dayz .. not a gamer begginer ... u can see my profile in steam krazyeloko ...
10 / had everything to be a good game but those responsible prefer to release updates with new cities and weapons and waste time on it ... than propiamente correct the main ... the game engine itself !!!


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Buying an unfinished game then complaining. Sounds like you should go back to arma III or CoD. And learn to speak English. Your grammar is terrible. And 300+ hours is not a lot for this game. Most of us have over 1000 hours with standalone not to mention all the hours in the mod.

An unfinished game how many time? 5 years? 300+ it's good to know what type game is it... a bug game... it's all! you have 1000hour's of buggin? CONGRATULATIONS you like this :D

And.. i dont play mod... I talked about SA feggot! And.. in 1000hours bug's is the same... nothing change... bugs don't fix... LoL!!!!

Satandalone has not been around for 5 years. It was released in December of 2013 so saying 5 years is ridiculous. Unless you add in the time the mod has been around.I don't care if you don't play mod. Maybe you should play Minecraft. It is more of your style. Less thinking involved.

Hi krazyeloko,

While I understand your frustration over there being a lot of bugs in the alpha, I'll have to point out that there will be a lot of bugs for the foreseeable future while the team keeps working on the game.

In the meantime I'll close this ticket since the bugs you mention have already been filed several times over by other users. There is no reason to deliberately file duplicate tickets, especially not with the attitude you show towards the team.

Please remember to perform proper searches before filing bugs and please file each bug seperately.