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Ragdoll Issue when Looting - Can't Loot When Body Slides
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Can't loot anything when a body slids down a hill, or stairs, or if it moves from the original position where it died.

This breaks the game immensely especially since you're supposed to reap the rewards of killing a player and finding out you can't loot a Steyr Aug or a M4 or anything else you worked hard to get.

ESPECIALLY when it's your own body.

Please fix this. It's incredibly frustrating and game-breaking.


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Kill a body where a slope is. Voila.

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I've had this problem aswell. Giving this a up vote so devs can see.

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This is the most annoying thing probably. Apart from hackers that is. I do hope they fix this pretty soon.

It's a bummer when you play and kill a squad or some armed player and you can't loot him or it takes some sort of stroke of luck that you can.

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very annoying problem! Please solve it!

due of desynchronisation dead players, that slided down the hill are showing in different places. we dont see the body in one place. and noone can loot it. some players can get to dead player's inventory, but items cannot be moved.