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53 Rabbit Meat & Cooking Issue
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In 53, rabbits seem to just produce "Rabbit Meat", not Raw Rabbit Leg or whatever it was before. When cooking in pot in fireplace, they turned a cooked color but did not indicate they were cooked. Tried to cook again, and instantly went to burned. Not sure if they were actually cooked or not, I was not sure I wanted to try eating them and risk sickness. In 52 I trapped lots of rabbits and was able to cook the legs consistently.


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Trap rabbit and skin it for two legs
Look at Rabbit Meat item and note description
Get fireplace, pot, light fire, etc
Put legs in pot, put pot on fire, view contents of pot as it is cooking
Observe color change and note item description not indicating cooked or not

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We did some further testing. After cooking 6 rabbit meat that appeared to be cooked based on the visual of the item, one survivor ate them all and got no food poisoning ("funny taste in mouth", etc).