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Cannot use gas can to fill truck
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Unable to to get menu to "fill" trucj with gas.


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Grab gas can in hand, go to gas tank on right side, wait for menu to fill. Nothing happens.

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I presume you are talking about the 20 liter jerry gasoline canister and not the blue gas canister for portable gas stoves?

He is right, it doesn't always come up with the message, but when you keep checking it eventually it says 120L of gas. I too saw empty, and drink messages but never fill. Only once and I assume it was already full.

Something is up.

Yes, it is the 20 litre Jerry can. Could never get it to bring up the menu. Now that my colleague was also killed when the truck shook on top of him as he stood beside it we are now paranoid to even get close to the truck for any length of time to try and fill it.