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Items disappear when removed from inventory, and unable to add new items to inventory
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When taking things from my inventory and setting on the ground to make room for new items, the old items disappear. Then trying to add new item to empty slot does not work.


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they got rid of duping items my friend or in the case of backpack stacking its gone!! and Vest stacking.

Pull all bags on the ground, vests be quick with they go poof and make 1 bag and one vest work :)

But ya items are going poof, as stated in a few other topics.

Most definitely not trying to dupe things. I'm simply talking about clearing space to add a new item. An example...Last night I came across some matches which I had been looking for. I removed a can of beans to add the matches. The matches would not load in to my backpack, or allow me to take in to my hands. When I gave up, and went back to add my beans back, the beans had disappeared. This happened multiple times last night, costing me a 1911 one time, and a shotgun another. If this is a feature to stop duping, it's not going to work. We need to be able to set items on the ground to rearrange things and interact with items.

I found a AK and dropped my Repeater and was going to take the Repeater to a friend that was pretty far out (have to keep the Repeater in my hands) and the Repeater disappeared.

Also this happens when switching backpacks, I found a random 25 slot back pack when I spawned, then found a 35 slot backpack, after dropping my small back pack for the large backpack and move all my stuff to the bigger backpack, the samll 1 disappeared the moment it hit the ground, so I lost a few cans of food and drinks, Checked out side the house, and the small backpack was outside with all my stuff.

Yes, I've had the items show up outside as well, but sometimes they're just gone completely. I chalked it up to server lag, but not sure if that's the case.