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High Cap vests, go poof.
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Vybor military base, and possible other locations. Bags, and other items can disappear after a # of minutes.

I watched my high cap vests disappear 1 by one. I had 2 then re spawn latter on in the barracks at vybor military base with no items in them.

I carried my medical items in one, and ammo in the other. Both decided to go poof after a length of time.

Yet my items I threw onto the ground stayed.

Yet my blue backpack stayed.

Items left in the field can go poof as well its a random thing with most other items but when it comes to these high cap vests they tend to go poof after 10+ minutes.

I don't know if it was designed this way or not.


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Lay high cap vests on the ground. with or without items.

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Watch the items disappear before your eyes. Try logging in and out and still nothing there. Others go looking for it too, and nothing.

Server has persistence on and or off. Doesn't matter. Items are disappearing especially the high cap vests.

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