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Dayz Rain
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I know this is too early into the development but I just want to put it out there and have it in the developers mind.

1-Rain effect sound when inside buildings.

Feature Request-When inside a building while it storms outside, It would give alot of immersion if there was a wind effect (whistling sound).

Different rain impact sounds on different types of areas of floor is another example.



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An additional note about the rain.
Perhaps it rains to often. And there is a problem that characters are unable to dry of.
If you use a raincoat you get cold (Because layering of clothes is not possible). If you use warmer clothes they get wet.
Even if you change clothes, you as a character stay wet..

These issues makes you die of hyprotyrmia in an hour or so.

...And yeah, you should be able to light a fire in a fireplace in a house...

BR Loffas (H1Z1 is a joke)

There's a youtuber that makes DayZ Audio replacement concept videos.

Coincidentally,he created an awesome storm ambiance that fits your idea perfectly.

Here's a link,it's definitely worth checking out!

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That is exacley it my friend, good find! I will add this video to the ticket, thankyou :)

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@Loffas: At least one of your wishes should be satisfied soon (if I haven't misinterpreted the infos):

"There is also progress on cooking in the built-in fireplaces which I hope will breathe life into these sad and abandoned houses."

(I think, if you can cook on these fireplaces, they should warm you too)

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IIRC The devs have said that they will make the fireplaces/stoves in houses usable. (If they could re-confirm it here, that would be reeeeeeaaaaly nice)

There needs to be some new work done on the rain/weather IMHO. The sound is one issue for sure. But a lot of the mechanics are missing/broken/strange.

(That and the rain actually needs to WORK lol) - AFAIK it's still inoperable.

I really think the rain/environment needs to be a lot more threatening. Almost enough to keep un-prepared players bunkered down in a house until it passes (Or at least stuck in the same small town).

No way should it be possible to walk from town to town in heavy cold rain without any kind of gear. Sucks for new-spawns in rain storms. But there are still buildings relatively near most spawn points.

For the love of Christ, bring back the RAIN!

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Hey Devs... Don't mean to be pushy, but can we get some kind of comment/feedback on the rain in general? (Please perhaps have a look at my above question/comment?)

(I'm starting to think weather needs to be addressed in one of the big update blogs)