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Hey guys, I just want to know what the devs are doing to counter the rampant hacking that governs this game. I recently got the game and have seen and heard many of it.

Seen players with speed hacks, seen players teleporting from rooftop to rooftop, I've heard players talking about using ESP scripts talking over direct chat and last but not least recently got killed by a guy who not only did he teleport to my location but he shot through a concrete wall.


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I love the game it's really fun when everything is fair, I don't even mind the banditry or the KOS that's all fine and good. I like all they have done with the game mechanics, animation. All in all the game is pretty fucking awesome, but unfortunately, it's ruined by these hackers and scripts kiddies that seem to run around EVERYWHERE I have tried many many servers and more often then not there's always one around... I am sure there's a thread posted on this already, I just want to know... What is being done to counter this in the future, if it in fact it's something that's being done, there's just too many of this going around and it's not fair to the people who play it as you guys intended it, I dont know how these guys keep bypassing the anti cheat system. I am just astounded as to why people would cheat, I don't understand it... Please guys, do something about this soon. This game is really fucking good, great concept, great stuff.

Keep up the good work guys.

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Excuse the typos and curse words, I am very emphatic about things I am passionate about and testing video games is one of them.

Hello fantommode,

No problem at all, and thank you for the kind words :)

Some players seem to be very dedicated to finding and exploiting security holes, so the team are continuously working on security measures alongside development of the rest of the game. For the past several months, the team has included this subject matter in numerous of the weekly status reports, so please rest assured that they have not abandoned this part of development at all (of course they can't divulge any information as to what they're technically working on in this regard). The status reports will be posted in the following location each week where you can read about what the team has been up to recently: