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Long range scopes and 1911 magazines on military base appear very rarely
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Long range scopes and 1911 magazines on military base (near Myshkino) appear very rarely.

I found only one(!) 1911 magazine in the whole military base and no(!!) scopes (exclusive of Crossbow Holosight). In this case, at the military base was a lot of loot (added screenshot) and I found a lot of Makarov magazines (1-2 in the tent) and Makarov (minimum 1 in the tent).

I think rarely appear 1911 magazines and long range scopes is not normal.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join server that is running version 0.52.126010.
  2. Find military base (west of Myshkino).
  3. Try to find long range scope and 1911 magazines.

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seems that you find this items on civilian or vehicles spawn and not in military spots.

Long range scopes can be found in houses and garage's too!

For the 1911 Magazine; its true have been playing dayz for 20 hours still no 1911 clip.

@Darcion, @Cyberthube

This is nonsense: look for weapons on military bases, and then look at homes and garages (and at other civillian structures) for scopes.

They also can be found in pub/café type buildings. Houses and garages. Sometimes at the military base barracks. You just have to locate one at the right time. The same applies to the PU scopes.

Also found some at junk yards, along with loads of weapons.

I do agree many items tend to not spawn when you expect them to. 1911, .22, fnx, etc clips are becoming very rare lately.

When you don't want one, it pops up, when you do what one it never spawns.... such is life

I totally agree with you! In Russia we call it "law of meanness".
But Google translated me as Murphy's Law...

Choose yours variation :)


you want to find this stuff on military locations? the mag and the weapon may be wrong because its an old weapon and wrong country. LRS is not a military scope or am i wrong?