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Some items when being picked up in bulidings result in fracture legs and ruined all items from wiast down.
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I have noticed in some builds like the prison near svetlojarsk and some other buildings. that when interacting with an item your character sustains broken legs and all of your gear in pants is ruined as well as the pants and shoes.


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Interact with items within buildings and hope you don't break legs...

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This has happened to me numerous times and more often than not at the prison near svetlojarsk.

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My friends experienced this in the cherno firestation, trying to pick up fire helmets in the tower (I believe third floor) caused them to break their legs and in one case, die.

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i made a vid at the moment the server see you are not on the groundlevel he let you fall.

the devs are searching for a fix since 3 or 4 month, maybe better serverperformance will fix this.

Also be careful walking down the stairs in the tower of the fire station...