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Inconsistency of road signs with the directions of roads
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Huge large number of road signs are contrary to the actual direction of the road.

I have given only one example, but noticed it so many times. When I was a newbie long time did not understand why I came to another city.

Attached screenshot of map where there is a road sign, shown on video.
Video below.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join server that is running version 0.52.126010.
  2. Find incorrect road sign.
  3. Go in the direction of the arrow and check error road sign.
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If necessary, I can in my spare time sometimes create such reports with the coordinates improperly installed road signs.

Best regards,

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The west town comes to mind. - go this way, go that way lol

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First crossroad on main road going north from Electro. But I love getting lost in DayZ so I don't mind that much, thank god for trollpass (compass).