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Error message when measuring temperature to a character bugged with 35º
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Me and my friend were playing when he told me that he couldn't aim due to his body shaking.

I did measure his temperature quite a lot of times, giving always 35º, even with dry clothes, healthy, and next to a fireplace.

At the same time, I was checking my temperature at the same time, and mine was incresing while being next to the fire.

I kept doing that for ten or twenty minutes, and then I received an error message instead of his temperature. After that, I couldn't check his temperature anymore. The animation continued, but never ended, and I had to cancel the action every time.

He even tried using 4 heatpacks at the same time, but didn't work.
The only thing ruined on his gear was the UK Assault Vest, then everything was pristine.


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Error Message
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get bugged at 35º.
  2. Keep measuring the temperature of the bugged character.

Result: You will get the message like in the attached picture.

Additional Information
NOTE: I couldn't reproduce it anymore, just in this ocassion.

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Definitely worth looking into...

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many post already in but thanks for the detailed post.

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rfvela added a comment.Jan 8 2015, 4:12 PM

Hi guys, thanks for voting up.
I did notice that this issue was logged many times, but I didn't find any details attached, and as I received that error message in the game, it can probably help dev team to track the root cause of the issue.

By the way, my friend tried today using 4 fireplaces to warm up and it worked, I will check his temperature later and provide more information here.

If anyone finds any additional information, please feel free to add it here.
Thanks for the comments!