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AK74 Magazines are either too rare or not spawning
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I have had an AK74 and a bag full of ammunition for several days, but cannot seem to find a magazine for the weapon.
I would not be surprised to find out that the item IS spawning but just extremely rarely, which is strange for what i would assume should be a relatively common weapon.

I have primarily been traveling between barracks locations and the military tent area west of Myshkino.

It seems to me that finding guns is more likely (or at least as likely) than finding magazines. Which seems wrong.


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I think part of the problem with magazines being scarce is the fact that players pick up one gun, but then collect all the magazines they can get their hands on. Meaning that there are a ton of guns laying around, but few to no magazines to be found.

(I should note that i have found one magazine for the AK in the past few days of searching but it wasn't for the AK74)

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I posted a report about this a while back and they fixed it.
Yes they are rare and they should be, ive only seen them ever spawn in barracks buildings(long ones with a shower and bunks). Careful playing on persistent servers though because items will either spawn x10 more rare or not at all. I also probably contribute to the problem, my group has 3 military tents set up stocked to the brim with weapons and their Magazines

Find magazine to AKM until it is not that difficult, but find magazine for AK74 and AK101, is being impossible.

AK-74 and AK-101 mags do spawn, however rarely. They only spawn in the one storey barracks. Picked up 4 AK-74 mags yesterday and saw a single AK-101 mag.

AKM mags seem much more common. At least the 30 rounders because everyone wants the drums.