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Speedloaders Function Incorrectly
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If you use a speedloader to load the revolver, the speedloader itself is loaded into the gun with the rounds.

That is not possible in real life, it would not fit, and that's not how they are used.

A speedloader holds the rounds for a revolver until the reload process. While reloading, the metal knob on the speedloader is twisted and the rounds fall into place in the gun. Leaving the speedloader empty, the gun loaded, and the two items separate from one another. (allowing the speedloader to be reloaded again when you have time, for use the next time a fast load process is required)

It does not function the same way a magazine does.


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This was an issue the last time i had a revolver. I tried to find a revolver to make sure this is still an issue, but could not find one.

I decided to report it anyway, assuming that it may not yet be fixed.

If anyone can confirm whether or not this is still an issue please do. (i will update if i find a revolver and speedloader again)

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Can confirm, this happens with any gun with a speed clip.

  • Mosin clip
  • SKS stripper clip
  • Shotgun speedloader
  • Magnum speedloader

speaking of magazines... we need tactical reload (reload that doesn't require hammer cocking because one round is already chambered) + reloading with some ammo still inside (e.g. mp-133)

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Thanks for the confirmation @TheAmazingAussie

you're definitely right. It seems to me that many of the issues I've seen with guns not functioning properly (according to reality) have been due to the game not keeping track of whether or not a round is chambered. The coding seems to ONLY have a number associated with how may rounds are loaded. But DOESN'T recognize that there is a difference between a round loaded and a round chambered.

That's why when loading the shotgun, there is not room for a 7th round even after chambering the first round. Even though there should be, according to how a gun works.

PS- A side note along with that, you should be able to add rounds to the tube of the pump shotgun at any time without needing to unload (i have a separate report for that).