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There needs to be a serious rebalancing of where and which ammunition spawns
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Thank you for taking your time to read this, first of all, I'd like to discuss the following issues of where and what type of ammunition spawns for the type of gun.

For some reason, many of these were switched since 0.49 even though the ammo fits guns which spawn in civilian areas.

I'm talking about just the ammo, not magazines.

  • The CR75 and P1 is everywhere, yet it seems like the 9mm ammo is now military (9mm)
  • The SKS, and CR527 Carbine rifle spawns everywhere civilian but the ammo is now military (7.62x39mm)
  • 1911, 1911 engraved and the Derringer is everywhere civillian but the ammo is military (.45 ACP)

And yet, for some reason, the makarov itself and the magazines are military, but the ammo is literally everywhere, dare I say it's even more common than .22 rounds.

What I would like is for 9mm, .45 ACP and 7.62x39mm is to spawn inside houses and places which where all the ammo types spawn (eg shotgun shells, 7.62x51 and .357 etc) since they fit other civilian guns.

The gun CR527 Carbine is completely useless, because by the time you find a box of ammo for it, you already probably already have a repeater or a different primary gun.


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Agreed completely, I think 9mm should be relatively common in houses but 7.62x39 still pretty rare, but at least have a chance of spawning in houses. Cr275 mags should be a bit more common imo

I agree with what you said.

It just makes sense because there is civilian rifles which take 7.62x39 everywhere.

cs_wolf added a subscriber: cs_wolf.May 8 2016, 9:09 PM

gun distribution is good. ammo, not so much. magazines for civ weapons are ridiculously rare too.

Darcion added a subscriber: Darcion.May 8 2016, 9:09 PM

there will be a completely overhaul, so you dont have to search the right buildings/vehicles.

more and dangerous weapons and ammo will be central or at the edge northwest of chernarus.

now you can find all kinds off ammunition on vehicle but the magazines are a bit more rare.

some changes are possible in:

Central economy (advanced loot distribution)

hope it will help some guys here :)

Yes, that did help Darcion! :)

My point was is that the ammo for the guns I listed is only military, even though there is civilian guns which take that ammo.