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Start Up CMD says "Battleye Failed to Install"
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When I accept the Battleye EULA Terms and conditions a CMD window pops up with an error sign say "Battleye Failed to install" on the second CMD line


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go to steam library, go to dayz properties, click local files tab, and verify integrity of game cache. this usually fixes this

Sorry since I didnt put what I already tried.

1.I have verified my files countless times (No difference)
2.Un-installed DayZ
3.Manually changed files in the Battleye folder that may have been corrupt (However some of the files in that folder have a winRAR sign onto the left as the image,not sure what this means)

And also I have tried joining a Battleye protected server which my friends were on too see if the game would install it for me but that didnt work


please contact BattlEye directly for any BattlEye related issues.

Thank you.