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My character model is rapidly shaking.
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When I aim down sights of my weapon or through a scope or binoculars my character is rapidly shaking and its really hard to get an accurate shot or see in general. Ive noticed that when im prone and looking at my arms they just seem to shake very rapidly for no reason.


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.Aim down sights and note how the gun is rapidly shaking
.look at your hands when prone

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Im playing on hardcore servers

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Same as issues 20286, 20223, 20165, and 20246.

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this is normal you are cold!

I think the bug is that it doesn't tell you that you are cold.

you need to get out of the rain and sit by a fire until it says you are warming up - it will take a LONG time - like 30 mins

Do that and the shake will dissapear

Im not cold at all when im shaking. I spawned on the cost and raised my fist and i was shaking, and besides this type of shaking isn't visually appealing. Its a small rapid jitter.

Junos added a comment.Apr 19 2015, 5:48 AM

Still a problem on 0.55.

A character can be just fine--then you look through the binoculars, and suddenly your aim is hyper-shaky. It's not even just your aim: you can look down at your empty hands and see them shaking like crazy.

It may or may not be a temperature-related bug, but it seems to be triggered by looking through binoculars. And it seems like the only way to fix it is to start a new character.

These three bugs seem to be the same issue: