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I found a hacker who was also trying to sell me his hacks and told me how he sold them to many others. I have video proof.
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A guy showed me a glitch in the game which I admittedly thought was pretty cool then he started to fly around and speed hack and could see players from 1000m out. He tried to sell me his hacks and told me that if I ever get banned for them he'll buy me a fresh copy of dayz and more hacks for free. I started to record him as soon as I knew he was a hacker so I have PLENTY of evidence to show he was hacking, I didn't get his DayZ name but I did get his Steam name due to him adding me because I told him I want to buy the hacks, obviously I don't want to buy them I just wanted to add him to get his name. God knows how many people have bought these hacks off him which he claimed he made himself, and he's selling them for apparently €14.

I haven't uploaded the video due to my internet speed being so slow, but if it's essential that you see the video maybe I could take a small sample from it showing him hack around and I'll upload that.

I think his steam name was 'Borgan#' but I'll double check later when I'm back on steam.

I hope he gets banned for good. Thanks.


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Should a bought the hacks from him and sent the scripts and script executer to the devs for analysis...

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yes and get banned, because battle eye things you have a file on your pc and never get unbanned again?

Your idea is right don't get me wrong, but with Battle Eye inpossible to do

I hear getting Vac banned isn't very fun. ;)

Oh, I didn't know battle eye monitored your files... bad idea OP bro bad idea.