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Repetitive shaking
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My character since the new .52 update has always been shaking it also is effecting my team
Mates. This bug is makeing weapons like the myosin with a long scope useless or binoculars. My
Character also does not either get cold or
Hot no matter the condition of the weather or
If sat next to a fireplace for 20 mins.


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I get this too

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I had the same issue, I managed to resolve it by starting a fire out in the open (not indoors) sitting by it for a good 5 minutes, if I didn't get the status message saying "I'm warming up" I logged off the server and re-joined and sat by the fire for at least 10-15 minutes, eventually the shaking subsides and your character should be back to normal.

Hope this advice helps.

Same here - impossible to use Mosin/Longhorn for almost a week. Wearing proper clothing won't help. Of course some servers are colder than others and you will never really warm up on them - but you are even shaking on sunny (and warm!) servers. Heatpack and other stuff won't help you either.

FYI shaking / twitching could be caused by BRAIN DAMAGE.
BRAIN DAMAGE in an un-curable decease in DAYZ caused by eating HUMAN MEAT.

CANNIBAL = High % of BRAIN DAMAGE = High chances of uncontrollable shaking / twitching

If you happen to eat human meat and are shaking your only way out is by SUICIDING and starting a new character.

You mean the Brain Disease twitching but that is normal.. it happens every few seconds if you have the brain disease.. if you ate some human meat..

But we are talking about the continuously shaking when you are getting cold..
If you play dayz now with 0.52 you will notice it by yourself that you get cold really fast and start to shake with out being able to stop it..

The thing about this guys. Is I'm neither cold OR hot and I have not eatin human meat. So this is a real seriose bug. Iv tried sitting next to a fire but so Iv heard you got to sit next to it for about an hour.

check your temperature. if its 35, you will be bugged forever. until death

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sit by a fire until it says you are warming up - this will take a LONG time, it took me 30 mins by fire - but it WILL cure it

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its like Rostfrei describe, its a bug you are and will be stuck on 35c

Same problem with me

Junos added a comment.Apr 19 2015, 5:49 AM

Still a problem on 0.55.

A character can be just fine--then you look through the binoculars, and suddenly your aim is hyper-shaky. It's not even just your aim: you can look down at your empty hands and see them shaking like crazy.

It may or may not be a temperature-related bug, but it seems to be triggered by looking through binoculars. And it seems like the only way to fix it is to start a new character.

These three bugs seem to be the same issue: