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Cutting Animals+Making Splint+Stop Shaking is IMPOSSIBLE
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I play a little dayz i find a mosin after 1 hour Fully geared.
i Start to shake so the long range scope is completly useless and it never stops even with raincoat, press vest plus motorcyclehelmet it NEVER STOPS even with sitting next to a fire for 20 minutes.

it also never finishes skin animals + making myself a splint.. people are able in berezino to glitch themself into the factorybuilding next to the huge smokestack and shoot people

PLS fix it


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If you build a fire indoors, it doesn't warm you up. You have to be out in the open.

Skinning is bugged right now, yes, there are many bugs reported about it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Making three bug reports that are totally unrelated to each other, however, is not a good way of reporting bugs. Please post each one accordingly.

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I have the same problem with shaking.

heres the solution on how to use splint for now

  1. place rags in your hands
  2. pres f11 for suicide animation ( i'm not joking, i couldn't believe my self)
  3. pres tab and craft splint while in suicide animation
  4. do the same to apply it.