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This is definitely needed to keep the survival aspect of DayZ alive. What's the point of hunting, placing traps, cooking etc. while you can simply find 10 cans of food after looting 4-5 buildings.

Then someone will say "make weapons scarce" or "it's so easy to kill zombies or people shot from a rifle at 500 m away, Fight fists!"

Editing the balance of some items will need to edit the balance and other...

It currently takes a dozen or more items just to hunt and cook the food. Won't live long enough to collect those items without food spawns. Persistent servers already have that problem. Need more matches and cooking equipment before less food.

there is so many food cans everywhere, was much better when 0.55 hit the streets and we have to fight to not starve by farming and hunting. this should be a survival game in which the environment is harsh and unforgiving, this game should not be just another shooter with looting... i want less cans, more animals and seeeds, and more equipment to cook, fish and farm. hope devs are going that way.

cs_wolf added a subscriber: cs_wolf.May 8 2016, 9:02 PM

Close ticket, thankyou devs.

Wolf, I hope you'll starve to death repeatedly.

I dont, I survive and enjoy it the way Dayz is meant to be.