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Cannot Join Any Servers - GUID Problem Maybe?
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Hello, I'm in desperate need of some assistance please. For over a week now I've been unable to join "Any" server, whether private, public, 1PP, 3PP.. e.t.c., after playing DayZ without issue since release.
I work as an I.T. tech, so I've tried all manor of possible causes on my end to rule them out, sadly without any result. So I'm now all out of ideas, well, except maybe an issue with my GUID, it's the only thing I can think of.

**[What Happens]**
I can load DayZ without issue, search and find servers no problem, but when I try to join a server I get stuck on a Black Screen with the message "Waiting For Host". I can see from using DaRT and BE RCon on my own servers that I am connected, but I'm stuck in lobby. I receive messages onscreen like: I am cooling off, I am Hungry, or I feel warm blood on my clothes. But no matter how long I wait, I do not connect.
On the Rare occasion after trying to join servers for a long period of time, I actually Do manage to join a server, but, I cannot interact with anything and I get disconnected after a few seconds for "GUID Timed Out".
This issue did Not start when there was any DayZ updates/patches.

**[Things I have Tried To Resolve The Issue]**

  1. Dozens and Dozens of different servers.
  2. Verifying game cache within Steam.
  3. Deleting BattleEye config and downloading the latest from the site.
  4. Stable and Experimental branches.
  5. Completely uninstalling DayZ and All configs, then reinstalling fresh.
  6. Uninstalling then Reinstalling Steam.
  7. Completely Formatting my Game drive, erasing all trace of Steam and DayZ.
  8. Disconnecting all drives from my PC and using a spare formatted drive with only a fresh install of Windows, basic drivers, and just Steam and DayZ.
  9. Disabling "All" Windows and Router Firewalls, including adding my PC to DMZ mode.
  10. Contacted my ISP to ask for assistants and for them to check my connection.
  11. 3 different routers. All new and 100% working correctly.
  12. Connecting my PC directly to my line with "No" router connected.
  13. Pinged my own servers IP's using CMD for 30mins straight to check for ping spikes and packet lose.
  14. Tried a different PC entirely.
  15. Again consulted my ISP to double and triple check everything is ok and nothing has changed recently.

I'm completely out of ideas, I'm lost. If anyone could offer me some assistance I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you,



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Sounds like the issue I'm getting. I get into the game. I but the screen is black until I change AA settings. It make no difference wither AA on or off. Time if day in the server also makes no difference. This happens to me in daytime servers!

I'm also a Computer Engineering Technician and have tried many things to resolve this problem. Whats yours hardware setup?

Phenom II X6 1045T @3.4ghz
16Gb HyperX DDR3-1600
Crosshair V Forumula-Z
2x HD4670 512/DDR3's in crossfirex
ATi CCC 13.9(last version for my cards, game is being forced into AFR by a custom profile.)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Launch perimeters
Set -cpuCount= 6 -exThreads= 7 -high -malloc=system -maxMem =8192

I don't know, that doesn't sound like the same issue. Mine isn't fixed by adjusting the AA, nor is it just a black screen, it's a failure to verify GUID. Well, it freezes while trying to confirm my GUID, or when trying to check it ingame.

Hello Euphoria,

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Have you tried logging on with your account from a different location/connection and pc?


Hello again,

Closing ticket due to inactivity. However, in case the problem persists, please feel free to submit a new ticket.