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Unprovoked Fracture and no ability to craft splint even though I have all materials needed/INVISIBLE ZOMBIES
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This may all be related to the recent DDOS attacks but I had checked forums and posts said servers were up so I signed in. While coming down a set of steps it said I fractured my leg. I went to craft a splint because I had all materials needed and they were in good shape. I tried about 20 times. Even logged out and logged back in and still could not craft splint. It eventually stopped giving me the option to craft a splint. then an invisible Zombie came and murdered me. I came across three invisible zombies in about 20 minutes. Is this related to ddos attacks??? invisible zombies suck ... very hard to kill what you cant see. I was using a stick and my bandages to try and craft by the way. Is this still an option with new updates???? Thanks guys and appreciate this platform to voice these issues. Thanks


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I tried logging into a different server and tried crafting. would start the craft but never complete it. I would have to cancel task each time. I could still eat and drink. the last time I logged out and back in the option was not there when I tried combining the sticks and bandages. Then invisible zombie took my life away.

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Thanks for looking into this.

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This happend to me 3 times in .52. Usually i was in a building on the first floor or higher, when my pants and boots got ruined and my legs were broken. Crafting a splint was not possible, due to the animation playing without any effect and me having to abort the animation. Crafting a fireplace went perfectly fine though. Please note, that this is an extremely gamebraking bug, as i had to suicide with a pen 3 times having no morphine. At least suicide works reliable enough.

Things are working a bit better now... havent really got to check out all updates yet...