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Hackers - Server owners are powerless
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I am one of the head admins in a small gaming community and we recently invested into a Dayz SA server, it quickly became apparent that despite being "admins" we are completely powerless against cheaters/hackers, its all well and good having a kick tool but how do we know who to kick?
there is no in-game kill messages like on the arma 2 mod, there are no kill feeds on the admin CP. Dayz SA in my opinion has come on leaps and bounds recently, becoming a very desirable game, most of the gamebreaking bugs have been ironed out, but it is currently packed full of hackers. i've been killed 3 times in 2 days by players with fly hacks and godmode, probably ESP aswell. with no way to find out who it was that killed us or our players, the only way to rid the server of these players would be to kick every player on the server which we aren't about to do. All we ask is for something to identify these cheaters. a kill log would be brilliant, also a link to their steam account so that we can report them to steam.


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join any Mid to high pop server and play for a while

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Hacks are ruining this game, the bugs, we can handle, the game is still alpha but is in a good place, but taking 6 hours to loot up and being killed by superman is enough to enrage anybody.

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word, nothing to add more than a like

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you forgot: There is no bind/link between the ingame Name and the steam-name or id.

yesterday i was in the ATC at NWAF. Standing behind the staircase, then suddenly one hit, black screen, and the "You are dead" message.
My friend was on the upper level, and we both died at the same time.

We killed many teleport hackers, bug-users, glitchers but i can't do anything about an Instant kill hack.

It was a low-pop server with around 8 people on (night time server)...
Until this date, most of the hackers were on the coast, around the pvp zones, but they are going more inland recently...

The west of the map was a "safe" part of Chernarus...

If the devs will include the suicide animation, hackers will use that against players for sure...

If they can access your inventory, can force feed you and take bullets out of your weapon, it will be a piece of cake to kill them with that.

Hello supersi88,

Please rest assured, the devs are and will continuously be working together with BE throughout the development process of the game in order to deal with hackers/cheaters. Please keep in mind during development, that as with all other parts of the game, the current iteration of the security measures is not final. The subject has been touched upon in the past several status reports so it is by no means abandoned by the devs.