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stuck on 35c no status and i am shaking when aiming (i dont come above 35c)
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stuck on 35c no status and i am shaking when aiming (i dont come above 35c)


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dont know... was sick maybe?

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my char has some bugged status, healing was 30 minutes the same, after some run i got healthy.

i dont got cold or hot stauts and with a termo-tool i got 35c every time.

when i am aiming i am shaking.

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Had the same issue, was stuck at exactly 35C.

Sitting next to a fire for a good 10min did nothing.

Had no effect statuses on my character.

Hi Andy and digital magicians of DayZ SA,

same with my character on a private server.

No status like "hot" or "cold", just things like "(rapidly) cooling off" and "(rapidly) warming up". My temps are stuck on 35°C. Even sitting in a fire ("I am burning") can't help me getting better.
Scoping trough a weapon is pretty impossible in this state.

Tried to use a splint, morphine, painkillers, anti-biotics, etc.. No success.


I also have this, please fix this!

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i got it again and friend of mine too.

I have this too and no matter how many fires with 5 logs on I cannot get rid of it. I have had 5 fires in a circle and sat in the middle. I am still shaking. Please fix soon devs.

Could fix it by sitting next to a fire with the message "slowly warming up" for nearly 30 minutes. Took a long time but it worked.
The status "cold" in character inventory is still missing anyway.