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As of .51, Reduced/No Loot Spawns for 1911 Magazines
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So I play with a group of folks and we frequent many different public servers. We were discussing our thoughts on the changes in .51 and we all have agreed that it seems like there a no/very few/less 1911 magazines spawning on the map. I am not sure if this was intended, but I did note a changelog entry regarding flipping the 1911 mags (or something like that).

Is there any acknowledgement that 1911 magazines have had their spawns reduced or are possibly broken?

We will continue to look for 1911 magazines as a group (of 10-12) and I will report back if we are successful, but as of this post, since .51, no one in the group has found a 1911 magazine. We have checked Airfields, Bases, Residential Areas, Tech Centers, Police Stations, Firestations, etc.


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Just checking back in. The drop rate for the 7Rnd 1911 magazines has dropped significantly. Since my last post, playing on the Vilayer GA 3-135 server a majority of the time, the 1911 magazines just aren't spawning. We have found ONE in RUINED condition (dropped by another server hopping player?) and have found no other traces of this magazine.

Please help! Is it a server issue or a game issue?

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I've found a couple but they are pretty rare, but I haven't noticed any problem this update. Maybe your just unlucky man :(