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Killed by a person (normal enough) then everytime I respawn I die in the same manner, then meet the reason why(I believe hacker)
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Happened on the server named: [UK/EU] First World Survival/Public/Active Admins/24/7 Daylight
Server IP:
Place of event: Just outside Vybor Military Base
Perpetrator: atro1

My group and I kill two people and then come under fire from a Mosin, we kill this person. We then stop a V3S and kill the two people inside. After a few minutes, one of our group is killed whilst looting (I was AFK at the time and the other two had logged out). I return and someone shooting at me from distance, I then die. One of the ones who had logged logs in and upon logging in hears two M4/AUG shots and is killed. This then happens to the other one who logs in.

The second person to log back in respawns in Elektro, hears two M4/AUG shot and is killed. I respawn in Elektro and I instantly hear two M4/AUG shots and I die. By this time the other members of our group have logged off the server. I respawn again, in Elektro, and find myself next to two people ( one new spawn and the other carrying an AUG and wearing a Gorka Helmet...two items that one of my group had). I say 'Hey' to the two and am shot in the legs. I ask why he did that to which the one with the AUG replies 'You killed us at NW'. I ask why he is in Elektro to which he replies 'You killed us and we just respawned'. I question 'Respawn with an AUG and Gorka'. I am then killed. During this time I managed to check his in game name which was: atro1.


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Russian death squads, they cant be killed

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and here also: There is no relationship between ingame-name and steam.
To check the Name has the same effect as in China falls to a bag of Rice :-(

I'm pretty sure, that there is a hack that let's you teleport to a player who's logging in.
My experience: I logged in (in a bush) and was killed after 5 seconds by a single AKM shot. A friend of mine logged in on a rock above me to defend my gear but got killed in the same manner.