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First Person Camera Needs Work
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First Person camera view does seem a little too low and/or nudged while playing
normally. Adjusting field of view can actually make it worse, or at least more
noticeable. It just feels out-dated and cyclops no-neck-ish.

In the V3S vehicle, it seems as though the player is actually sitting TOO HIGH,
or grew a neck suddenly. I curse the current first person view inside V3S,
especially when the vehicle isn't sitting on a perfectly flat plane. The
blindspots and/or view of the door frames, and sometimes part of the roof, can
make it seem as though I've got 3 or 4 books under my ass. Naturally this
makes me worry about the viewpoint inside other, future vehicles.

Leaning also seems out of whack, and varies depending on what's in your hands.
The head/eyes of characters lean left/right more than the first person view
seems to show.


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I understand this isn't high priority, and more than likely still deeply rooted
in the old engine funk.

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I only play 1st person.
The first-person-camera is a disincentive though and, to one of my friends nauseating... (He will not / cannot play the game because of the camera)

It always seems very 'twitchy' when moving around and 'floaty' (constantly moving on its own) when invoking all these new animations...

For an easy example, try running/sprinting in first person, your camera 'tilts' forward to stare at the ground a little, then when you stop running it resets. When you are constantly moving around ingame, this constants resetting of your camera orientation lessens the consistancy of the experience and your feeling of precise control.

This should not be, the only person who should be moving the camera is the player. Unless the player is not in control?

To be more concise/specific with my complaint(s), in first person:

There are no transition(s) for camera movement/position.
There is no dampening in the transition / animation from first person, so even with no headbob, it is nauseating.

Finally, if you actually run trackIR you are constantly having to fight against the ingame camera... This was not so in the original arma.

Whilst saintofthesystem may think it's 'ok' and this isn't 'high priority' i disagree...
At least the original arma engine was far more consistant, and this should be of higher priority to the people working on player-control, this game is (last i checked) a first-person-shooter...

Therefore the basic first-person-controls/view should be one of the highest priorities?
[ I do understand however this may be viewed as 'something we can fix later' -- i just feel this should not be overlooked/underestimated/forgot about, as smooth player control / consistant view is a fundamental of a good FPS game ].