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Big Military Tent will not scroll inventory (only able to access a little over 100 slots)
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Though you can fill up the inventory of a tent as much as you like, you cannot scroll down through the inventory. So if you use up over 110+ slots or so, you cannot access your items. Since the tent won't re-sort inventory until after a server refresh, if you want to access any of the inventory that you can't see, then you have to remove enough rows worth of inventory to get to the item, then wait for a server reboot, then hope it auto-sorts the thing you want close enough to the top to be taken.


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Get a big military tent. Put about 150 rows worth of stuff in there. Note how you can't get to the stuff near the bottom now. Now remove a bunch of stuff, reboot the server and hope your stuff appears now.

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Checked around the forum. This is universal behavior. However, I have seen one or two people claim if the tent is completely full THEN it will let you scroll. But then I saw people saying that doesn't work, so... I guess it could go either way.

Anyway, this seems to be a pretty big deal to a lot of people.

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Old problem. /\