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Watching Campfire by Dawn / Night makes View go completely black.
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When you light a Campfire by Night and your View passes the Flames, it gets completely black. Even the Flames on the Fire disappear, you can only see the glowing Fireplace. When you look away from the Fire, it takes many Seconds until the View returns to normal again, as long as your Eyes don't pass the Fire again.

It would be okay, if the View around the Fire gets a little darker, the Eyes have to get used to the Light / Dark Difference after a time, but right now this Effect up to the 0.51 stable is unrealistic and much to strong. Please tend to smooth this to a reasonable Effect, so we get romantic feelings by watching the lightly crackling heart-warming Campfire again and don't get dumped by that black Screen Effect...


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Light Campfire by Night, look at it, see black Screen with just glowing Wood.

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Set HDR quality to LOW, not VERY LOW

doesn't work, wait for new renderer