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High-rises spawn loot half inside the floor / too low
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All high-rises (the big and the small ones) spawn every kind of loot inside the floor. It seems like the items are just a little too low on the Z-Axis. But you can still pick them up.
This counts for items on the floor, on tables, on balconies and on kitchenets. I'm not sure about the roof though.
Mostly this makes only the very top of the items visible, which makes them really hard to see.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find a high-rise
  2. Search for loot
  3. See all loot is half-way inside the floor.

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I agree with that and presume, this occurs at many other Lootspawns, too. Also Loot spawns on Top of cabins, lockers, etc. where you can't pick it up or if you can, you have to trick by putting inventory items out and pointing at the desired Loot with the grey Dot, then it MIGHT be drawn into the empty Slots of e.g. your Backpack. I'd like to know - just for fun - how many Loot Items were passed by me in the last Weeks, because i didn't spot them under the Surfaces.