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Time of day or restart warnings
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Upon viewing the in-game map or somewhere else as seems fit, users should be able to see either the time of day on their current server or simply the time remaining until the server will restart.

The latter would IMHO be more useful and probably easy to implement.
Calculating from the time of day instead would require accurate server messages or other information to that extent.


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None. Feature is missing. Servers rarely provide restart warnings, this is not enforced or anything in server configs.

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More often than not, people (e.g. me ;)) find themselves being disconnected and are thus sometimes left without some gear on the ground, depending on persistence settings, and/or in an awkward or even potentially lethal position to reconnect.

One might also think of introducing wrist watches, perhaps an alarm beep (citing "I am Legend") to make this more immersive.

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you can already tell the time aslong as the sun is up and during night noone cares about the time. but a servermessage for when the restart is or a warnig would be awesome! one upvote for you sir!

Just to know the time, by looking at the sun for instance, is not enough for the purpose, because you don't know at what time the server will perform a restart.

Why not include a restart warning message by default in the server files?