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Game crash when i quit game
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When i play a few hours (after one hour) and i want to quit (Click on leave), the game crash.
I got the last screen of my game (Menu with resume, options and leave disappear), i must do ctrl+alt+del to open task manager (I don't stop the task) and then i got windows screen "DayZ cease to work".

I know my english is not very good maybe you've a french reader in your team:
Lorsque que je joue un peu plus d'une heure et que je clique sur quitter, la fenêtre du menu disparaît mais je reste encore dans le jeu complètement freezé.
Il faut que je fasse un ctrl+alt+supr pour revenir sur le gestionnaire des tâches et à ce moment-là apparaît une fenêtre windows m'indiquant que: "Dayz a cessé de fonctionner".


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Game Crash
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1- Play more one hour
2- Leave game

Additional Information

When i launch Dayz after crash, my character in the menu is not look like when i quit.
He just had a shirt and pants like when we start a new party.

If i join a server, i recover my character.
If i quit few minutes after playing, i haven't crash and my character looks like good.

I have 2 archive of my dayz appdata corresponding 2 crash:
One at 00:24am and the other at 2:17am.

Hope you will understand my report !!! Good luck !

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happens for me, too. on a win7 64bit with gfx460 as well as on a win8 64bit gtx650... latest drivers from nvidia on both.

Confirmed. Game rarely exits without crash.