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Cant join any server: Confirmation of Changes: SESSION LOST
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when trying to join any server, i get the following error msg
"Confirmation of Changes: SESSION LOST".

tryed both builds, checked file consitency, deleted profile in local data, reinstalled battle eye manually etc nothing worked... problem is persistent for many weeks now


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Hello fabiochavez,

Sorry to hear about your trouble. If you send in a link to your Steam profile, I can check your account in the character database in order to see if anything is wrong with it.


This is how you fix it. I tried everything you listed, but once i did this it finally worked. Go to steamapps in the steam folder and move it to your desktop(might take awhile depending on how many games you have installed). Then once it's on your desktop, move dayz out of the common folder in steamapps and delete it. Make sure the steamapps is still on your desktop and uninstall steam. Once you have steam uninstalled, install a new version of steam from the steam website. Once the new version of steam is installed, go to the new steamapps folder in the steam directory and move everything from the old steamapps folder on your desktop to the new steamapps folder. Once you did that, install dayz again and it should work. This guy also tried it and it worked, here is his post

Hey JStewart,

my steam account is the following:

thank you!

mw2rocks1234: thank you too i will give it a shot when the check up on my account wont help!

Your account seemed fine. I've manually created a character on 1st/3rd person view servers for you, so try again and see if you can log on to the servers. I'll keep the ticket open until you've tried the solution suggested by mw2rocks1234.

dayz is now profoundly screwed, i reinstalled everything as suggested...
it didnt work and i tried to delete the dayz folde rin my documents manually as well too...

the game started only in 640x480 afterwards, now i reinstalled the game again and the monitor doesnt get a signal anymore after i start dayz!!! wtf is going on?

Please try to post the contents of your dayz.cfg file here. The dayz.cfg file should be located here: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\DayZ

Hello again,

Closing ticket due to inactivity. However, in case the problem persists, please feel free to submit a new ticket.