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Confirmation of Changes - Session lost
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I have tried many solutions to this problem e.g. uninstalling & reinstalling DayZ SA, Verified the integrity of game cache as well as Backing up DayZ SA and reinstalling the game But non have fix the problem The current buildID is 461429

I have one VAC ban on record but do not recall what from the ban was from 73 days ago, I dont know if it could have been from this game even though I dont hack/cheat :\ but if it is then i understand if you cant lift the ban


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If you launch Steam and go to "View" --> "Settings" --> "Account", you should be able to click the small question mark icon by the line that reads "VAC Status". When clicking the question mark icon, you should get a list of games that are affected by the VAC ban. Is DayZ SA on that list?


This is how you fix it. I tried everything you listed, but once i did this it finally worked. Go to steamapps in the steam folder and move it to your desktop(might take awhile depending on how many games you have installed). Then once it's on your desktop, move dayz out of the common folder in steamapps and delete it. Make sure the steamapps is still on your desktop and uninstall steam. Once you have steam uninstalled, install a new version of steam from the steam website. Once the new version of steam is installed, go to the new steamapps folder in the steam directory and move everything from the old steamapps folder on your desktop to the new steamapps folder. Once you did that, install dayz again and it should work. This guy also tried it and it worked, here is his post

Thanks and it is for DayZ :/ cant recall why but anyway thanks for the help :D

Is there any chance it could of banned me like if it miss read and though i was hacking?

Thanks for getting back on the issue. VAC bans are issued by Steam and will have to be investigated by Steam. We have no access to or administrative powers over their tools, so we can't see the reason for the VAC ban. For this reason, please contact Steam Support directly by using the following link: